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In August of 2006, I was driving through a construction zone, late one night, on my way home.  A man driving a GMC pickup, confused by the construction cones, made an illegal turn in front of me, causing me to swerve into a raised median.  I missed him, but my right front tire encountered the curb with such force, it popped my SID out of the dash.  The impact destroyed my wheel and deflated my tire.  The SAAB spun to the left, slightly, and regained control.  I had to drive 2 blocks, to find a spot to pull over.  Here is the aftermath of that incident and an estimate on what it cost me to repair it. 

The impact tore the right front wheel and destroyed my Conti tire.  The tire deflated with a bang.  I drove on the destroyed wheel as I figured I'd have to replace it anyway. 

The force pushed the tire up and back.  This is the inner fender liner, where the wheel hit it.  The tear you see, was caused by the wheel hitting it with substantial force. 

Damage to the upper strut mount.  The strut mount was completely destroyed.  The unibody mount for the strut was bent upward ~ 1/2". 

A view of the control arm.  Notice the bend in the swaybar endlink.  Also, notice the oil on the control arm.  This is oil that leaked out when the engine mount tore, due to the force of impact. 

Despite the damage to the car, I did drive her home, some 60 miles, at 50 miles per hour, and she never skipped a beat!  I couldn't have been happier with the sturdiness of the car!

Difference in new and old control arms.  The old control arm was slightly bowed. 

Difference in the new and old stanchion arms.  This difference is substantial!  The original took most of the punishment. 

To get the car back on the road, the entire front suspension was replaced, including both stanchion arms, both control arms, the front swaybar and endlinks, the passenger-side engine mount, both side inner and outer tie rod ends, the passenger side strut mount, the front right wheel and all four tires.  This totaled approximately $1067. 

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